The conditions for cycling in the vicinity of Vranov nad Dyjí are very good. Well-marked cycling routes in the vicinity of the Vranovská dam and in the NP Podyjí provide cyclists with the possibility of various trips around the area to interesting natural sites and monuments. After the entry of the Czech Republic into the "Schengen area", it is possible to cross the border into neighboring Austria in many places and drive along the routes that are marked on both sides of the border.

Cycle path Vranov nad Dyjí - Čížov

By connecting Vranov with Čížov (via Zadní Hamry and Větrník hill), it is especially possible for vacationers from Vranov to get to the heart of the national park as quickly as possible by bike, without risking an unpleasant journey through Vranov's serpentines with relatively heavy car traffic. The second connection between Vranov and Čížov so far, i.e. across the dam of the Vranovské dam, through the Swiss valley to Lesná and over the Větrník hill, it is longer after all and can be used, for example, for the return journey.

In addition to the well-known tourist signs, the Czech Tourist Club has painted bicycle trail markings on the territory of the Podyjí National Park, which, unlike the markings for hikers, have not white, but yellowish-brown edge stripes, and are considerably larger. On some wide and busy roads (e.g. Čížov - Hardegg, Lukov - Nový Hrádek or the road through the Šobes vineyard) there is a concurrence of pedestrian and cycling trails, but mostly pedestrian and bicycle traffic is separated. On the footpaths, where the use of bicycles is absolutely undesirable (zones 1 and 2 of the national park), there is still a small sign prohibiting the entry of bicycles.

The trail is by no means recommended for everyone, it is only suitable for physically fit cyclists on well-adjusted mountain bikes. In less than 2 km from the Dyje River to Větrník, it overcomes an elevation of almost 200 meters. The surface of the road is not asphalt, so even the fittest will not be able to climb the hill (or brake) after rains or when the snow melts.

Cycle path Vranov - Hardegg

  1. along cycle path No. 48 over the Vranovská dam and through Lesná
  2. along the main road through Lesná and Horní Břečkov (very dense road traffic)
  3. along cycle route no. 5122 through Zadní Hamry (the steepest climb in the Ledové slují area). Otherwise, this route is one of the nicest and shortest - 14 km - around the Dyje river for about 2 km (this option is not available anywhere else in the national park).

Vranov - Hardegg is a bike trip for the whole day.

We recommend visiting the Hardegg Lookout before the border crossing (for pedestrians and cyclists), the ruins of Nový Hrádek and the Podyjí National Park center building in Čížov with exhibits and information about the national park.

Cycling trips

Vranov n.D. - Nový Petřín - Šatov - Podhradí n.D. - Uherčice - Korolupy - Svobodův mlýn - Zblovice - Bítov - Lančov - Vranov n.D.

Route length: 53 km

From Vranov n.D., we take the cycling route no. 48 in the direction of Podhradí n.D., we turn left and past the gas station we climb up the steep hill around the castle. At the crossroads we continue straight to Šafovo. From there we drive through Starý Petřín to Podhradí n. D. (possibility of swimming) with the ruins of Frejštejn Castle. We will reach Uherčice along the road against the Dyje stream, later by a sharp climb around the Mitrov yard. From Uherčice we continue towards Lubnice, but at the first intersection we turn right to Korolupy and through Oslnovice and Vysočany towards Dešov. We descend from the end to the Želetavka valley to Svobodov's mill and soon turn right to Zblovice and at the crossroads turn right to Bítov Castle. We return to the intersection on the same road, pass Bítov and descend to the Vranovské dam. After the bridge, we turn left at a sharp angle and climb to the ruins of the Cornštejn castle. From there continue along the asphalt forest road to Lančov, where we turn left and continue to Vranov.

The second, Austrian version of the route (64 km in total) is from Uherčice to Vratěnín via the Unterthűrnau border crossing to Drossendorf, via Langau to Riegersburg, then via Felling, Hardegg, Čížov to Vranov n.d.

Vranov n.D. - Riegersburg - Hardegg - Vranov n.d.

Route length: 35 km

From Vranov n.D. on cycle path No. 48 to the signpost U roshledna, then on the road to Šafov, across the border crossing in the direction of Langau, after approx. 1 km from the border turn left and follow the green cycle path (Ponds and Túní Route) to Riegersburg, here follow the blue cycle path (Sáby, myths and legends) and through Felling to Hardegg, again through the border crossing to Čížov (on the way you can go to the Hardegg viewpoint), from Čížov via Větrník on cycle route no. 48 to the road and from there on the yellow cycle path ( Route of six cities) to Vranov nad Dyjí.

Vranov n.D. - Nový Hrádek - Vranov n.d.

Route length: 31 km

From Vranov nad Dyjí on the yellow cycle path (Six Cities Route) to Lesná, from there on the same cycle path to Horní Břečkov and Lukovo, here connect to the green cycle path (through Podyjí National Park), to the Příčky signpost, from there on cycle path no. 5002 to Nový Hrádek, again on the same trail back to the Příčky signpost, along the green trail to Čížov (possibility of going to the Hardegg lookout, a tour of the Podyjí National Park Visitor Center in Čížov) and from there along cycle route No. 48 via Větrník to the road, from there along the yellow cycle path back to Vranov nad Dyjí.

CYCLOBUS - Vranov nad Dyjí - Podyjí National Park - Znojmo

Cyclists and hikers are served by a cycle bus line connecting Vranov nad Dyjí and Znojmo (with stops in the immediate vicinity of Podyjí National Park). Let yourself be taken to the attractive parts of Podyjí National Park so that you can discover as many natural beauties and attractions as possible.

WE RECOMMEND - use the popular guide services when traveling in Podyjí and Znojm National Parks:

NP Podyjí - certified guides, tel. 731 077 214

Znojmo - tours of Znojmo and guided bike tours of Znojmo, tel. 737 449 099

Topics for cyclists

  1. 1. By cycle bus to Horní Břečkov - Čížov, Podyjí National Park Visitor Center, remnants of the "Iron Curtain" - Hardegg Lookout over the smallest Austrian town - Hardegg Castle - crossing Felling / Podmyče - Vranov n. D. (total 22 km)
  2. 2. By cycle bus to Lukov - visit to the ruins of Nový Hrádek (4 km) with beautiful views of Podyjí National Park. Back to Čížov - Podyjí National Park Visitor Center, showing the remains of the "Iron Curtain" (9 km). Back to Vranov nad Dyjí in several ways:
  • by road to Horní Břečkov (3 km) and back by cycle bus to Vranov (at 4:47 p.m.)
  • The miller's path (6.5 km), which partly leads through the valley of the river Dyje through Zadní Hamry
  • Through the forest via Lusthaus (U Letohrádek) and further along the road to Vranov (7.5 km)
  • Partly according to route 2c), but through Lesná and Švýcarský údolí along the dam to Vranov (11 km)
  • Around the interesting Hardegg lookout via the border crossing to the Austrian Hardegg, then through Felling and here again crossing into the Czech Republic. Then around the Vranovské castle to Vranov nad Dyjí (17 km)
  • 3. By cycle bus to Horní Břečkov - Čížov, Podyjí National Park Visitor Center, remnants of the "Iron Curtain" - Hardegg Lookout over the smallest Austrian town - Hardegg Castle - crossing Felling / Podmyče - Vranov n. D. (total 22 km)
  • 4. By cycle bus to Lukov - visit to the ruins of Nový Hrádek (4 km) with beautiful views of Podyjí National Park. Back to Čížov - Podyjí National Park Visitor Center, showing the remains of the "Iron Curtain" (9 km). Back to Vranov nad Dyjí in several ways:
  • 5. From Vranov nad Dyjí past the Vranov castle and border fortification museum to the Podmyče / Felling crossing and on to the smallest Austrian town of Hardegg (castle). Further through Merkersdorf - turn to the ruins of Kaja - the village of Niederfladnitz and further to the crossing at the mythical Holy Stone - Heiliger Stein. On the Czech side to the Devět mlýnů locality and then via Havraníky along route 3). Back along the approximately 50 km long route from Znojmo by cycle bus.

Topics for tourists

  1. 1. By cycle bus to Lukovo. A visit to the ruins of Nový Hrádek with beautiful views of Podyjí National Park and back to Lukovo (8 km). By cycle bus to Vranov nad Dyjí (at 4:43 p.m.).
  2. 2. By cycle bus to Horní Břečkov, then Čížov - Podyjí National Park Visitor Center, Hardegg lookout over the smallest Austrian town, back to Na Keplech crossroad and around Ledové slují via Zadní Hamry to Vranov (approx. 17 km).
  3. 3. By cycle bus to Mašovice and through Andělský mlýn (the last surviving mill building in Podyjí) and Mločí údolí to the viewpoint over the Znojemská dam - Králův stoolec. The terraced road above the Znojmo Reservoir continues to the area of Hradišťské teras (medieval, now abandoned agrarian terraces) and Znojmo. Return by cycle bus from Znojmo (at 4:20 p.m.). The length of the route is about 9 km.

You can also plan routes in opposite directions or choose one of the many other options offered by the tourist routes and cycle routes in connection with the cycle bus in NP Podyjí.

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